Introduction To My Life

My name is Peyton. I go by many names actually as i live a life full of alter-egos. For this section of my life though I’m known as Peyton. For 3 years( going on 4) i have worked and at times lived as this character. Many of these times were the best Ive ever had, many were the worst. I have decided to come here to this place to tell those stories exactly as they were. No sugar coating. No embellishing. Just the truth. I hope that everyone who reads this goes through the same emotions that i do. I hope you feel disgusted, amazed, confused, bored, humorous and mostly surprised by the events that will unfold to you. I am not going to pretend that i am some expert writer with the best of grammar and punctuation. I am a storyteller. Thats all you need to know and acknowledge.

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